Report: Learning from Lewisham Covid-19 Response Hub

Report: Learning from Lewisham Covid-19 Response Hub

Written by Francis Radloff

20 January 2021

Please follow this link to the Lewisham Local website where the report can be viewed.

This report is based on a study of the official, borough-wide Lewisham COVID-19 Emergency Response Hub, referred to here as the Hub. The Hub was operational March-August 2020 with the aim of delivering information, food and a befriending service during the national lockdown to isolated, vulnerable people with the help of volunteers. The study was commissioned by Lewisham Local/Rushey Green Time Bank (Lewisham Local) and London Borough of Lewisham (Council). It came about because the Hub was keen to capture the specifics of the borough’s experience. Their aim was to use lessons learned from participant reflections to inform the development of the voluntary and community sector and future recovery plans. This report is therefore primarily a case study of the London Borough of Lewisham experience, documenting how and why the Hub was developed, what it achieved and what is to be celebrated. Importantly, this report also identifies the challenges that were faced, points to lessons learned, reflects the unrelenting intensity of the work and makes recommendations based on an analysis of the data.

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